Vaughn was born, grew up, and still resides, in Nova Scotia, on Canada’s east coast – which often leads to immediate questions of technological ability (comments of “Oh, you guys have internet up there?” and “Oh wow, people live in Nova Scotia?”), as well as nicknames including “Northerner”.

The product of a single-parent household, he often found that his babysitter was a video game console – going back as far as the Commodore 64, and the NES. Quote, “I play games to get out of reality; I think sometimes that reality can be a let-down and rough – video games for me are a way out and my key to relaxing.”

Later in life, Vaughn found himself at the abrupt end of a long-term relationship, which also lead to being left out of his living space – a point in which, again, gaming was there for him, but so was something else: streaming.

Vaughn discovered Justin.TV, the predecessor to Twitch, using it to watch TV shows, movies, and live events. Eventually, he migrated over towards the gaming channels – specifically, Konas Korner, CRREAM, and Uleet – and eventually started playing games along with them, building a reputation among their communities for both his play and his personality. This is when the idea to start streaming for himself began to take shape.

That road was not often an easy one; quote, “People don’t think stuff that I’ve gone through can happen in small towns, especially in Nova Scotia.” After a period of streaming and development as a streamer, Vaughn went through a difficult time with depression following a friend’s death, resulting in introversion and a strong separation from society. Eventually, a return to streaming on a casual basis helped him to relax, to center himself, and to have fun again.

This casual return became much more, with the realization that he “had something” with what he was doing – a growing community, an outlet, and a sense of belonging.Today, Vaughn streams on a regular basis through Twitch, creates content on various other platforms, and enjoys near-consistent growth with that same community.

In part, he credits where and how he grew up; quote, “I think where I grew up influences me … I don’t get discouraged as much when I don’t get millions of views; I’m going to stream regardless, whether it’s one viewer to a thousand to a million.”


As a gamer, one of Vaughn’s first memories was playing the game “Shadowgate”, a point-and-click adventure game on the NES – quote, “The day I beat [Shadowgate], I felt like I conquered the world.” He also spent ample time playing “Starcraft” in his high school’s computer lab – to, as he will readily admit, limited success. The Fallout series was also very important to him growing up – a trend that would continue on, even today.

From the discovery of and developing relationships with established streamers through gaming and community interaction, Vaughn began to “test-stream” on his own – by playing the BETA of “World of Tanks” at 240p resolution and a limited upload speed; quote, “I had maybe [Tim Conway] and a robot as viewers for three years.” But as has often been the case, computer issues quickly followed.

Vaughn’s original PC for streaming purposes was an HP micro-tower. After this system died – culminating in a true “Office Space” moment with a baseball bat – he purchased a refurbished ACER Aspire PC – which would wind up being rather serendipitous, as it had been unknowingly modified with added RAM and a souped-up CPU.

This new system was much closer to an actual gaming-capable PC than before, and with it, Vaughn’s channel and community continued to rise. Computer issues surfaced again later, causing further stream delays and interruptions. But this time, Vaughn’s ever-growing community (with special recognition to MilenaBee, BlackWarriorYeti, and others) banded together to raise enough money in a single night to help build a new professional-caliber streaming and gaming PC. Vaughn credits this as being a point of realization, not only of a community, but of the need and desire to be more than just a casual streamer.

In discussing games which he is most associated with as a streamer, Vaughn has a simple answer: “Fallout”. On the release of “Fallout 4”, he was quoted as saying “This is going to be a Fallout 4 stream for a long time.” “Battlefield 3” was also a title which garnered Vaughn both widespread attention, and acclaim.

Today, he is noted for being strongly on board with the “Viewer Night” concept; a night dedicated to playing multiplayer games to involve his community, such as the Jackbox titles, as well as trying to play more free-to-play and games that integrate Twitch directly. He targets new releases, demos, ALPHA and BETA titles, as well as a weekly “Movie night”.

Moving forward, Vaughn wants to work on developing more as a streamer. He also wants to organize provincial conventions and meet-ups for Nova Scotian Twitch streamers (ala Twitch Vancouver). On pursuing streaming as a full career, he is optimistic; quote, “I think I’ve put enough years behind to now say that I’ve earned ‘full-time streamer’, but it comes down to health and stuff like that, too; being diabetic does cut into streaming, but as of right now … I do count it as a career.”

Vaughn can be found causing daily Vaughnarchy on his Twitch channel and on Twitter.



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